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A good source for antiwar news from the world press together with viewpoints and activities is Antiwar.com

Z-Net is awesome, the people who write for it are top academics. It describes itself as a community of people committed to social change, a true mine of information and philosophy.

CounterPunch is a bi-weekly newsletter. They have many friends and all the right enemies, muckraking with a radical attitude.

Common Dreams is an American non-profit citizens' organization working to promote a progressive vision for America's future. They are committed to being on the cutting-edge of using the internet as a political organizing tool - and creating new models for internet activism.

Media Monitors Network lists their latest headlines enabling you to find those illusive stories quickly, or visit Media Monitors Home Page.

There are many sites working on specific campaigns, you will find the following links informative on:


Professor Juan Cole Informed Comment, thoughts and a much needed expert and historical perspective on issues surrounding Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East. Juan Cole is Professor of Modern Middle East and South Asian History at the University of Michigan.

The Campaign Against Sanctions on Iraq CASI is a registered society at the University of Cambridge, England, and is undoubtedly the best source for information on the Iraq sanctions. After over 12 years and inestimable suffering for the people of Iraq, sanctions finally ended but the horrendous conditions that are so well documented by CASI continue, this site will give you the immediate background to the present situation.

Since February 1998 "voices in the wilderness uk" has sent numerous delegations to Iraq deliberately and openly breaking the sanctions. They did this despite the risk of prosecution and imprisonment. They also protested against US/UK military strikes in Iraq during the sanctions period, and more lately, against the invasion of Iraq. voices uk will continue to provide information and organise protests around Iraq-related issues and collaborate with others on more general peace initiatives.

Justice Not Vengeance (JNV) is an anti-war group which has developed out of ARROW (Active Resistance to the Roots of War). JNV opposes the US-UK 'war on terrorism', and campaigns for a peaceful resolution of international conflicts, based on justice and equality. JNV has adapted the core principles developed by ARROW.

Electronic Iraq -- from the people who brought you the Electronic Intifada The future for Iraqis is uncertain. The Electronic Iraq website continues to shine a light on the most important aspect of life in Iraq -- the humanitarian situation.
As well as the above organizations working on Iraq, there are individual activists blogging their own experiences of Iraq.
  • River Bend Blog Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation.


Palestine Monitor: Voice of Civil Society The Palestine Monitor was created in September 2000 and reports on the current socio-political situation in Palestine, giving news and information as events happen. They are working hard for a just and fair settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its depiction in the media.The Electronic Intifada gives information and analysis of developments by trusted alternative media sources.
Raising awareness. All attempts to establish an official international observer and protection force in Palestine have failed so in October 2001 a grassroots initiative was formed to provide international protection for the Palestinian people. "Grassroots International Protection For The Palestinian People" GIPP is commitment to nonviolence, their work as "human shields" is a powerful deterrent to Israeli aggression in the occupied territories.
Another organization "The International Solidarity Movement" ISM is also utilizing nonviolent direct-action methods of resistance to confront and challenge illegal Israeli occupation forces and policies. ISM London is affiliated to ISM.
"Stop the Wall" is a Palestinian grassroots organization who's mission is to Stop the Wall. Campaign Poster. Click on the piper.
Weekly Report on Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) is an independent legal body based in Gaza City dedicated to protecting human rights, promoting the rule of law, and upholding democratic principles in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Latest Figures & Graphs Sept '00 - Todate The Palestine Red Crescent Society is a national humanitarian society that provides a wide range of health, social and other humanitarian services for the Palestinian People throughout the Middle East and and is valuable source of statistics.

Blogging from Palestine.
  • Reports from Rafah. Photos and reports about Mohammed's home town. About life in Rafah, his community, the home demolitions, homeless families, the children in Rafah camp.. About the tragedies that happen there every day.
  • Letters from Palestine. Personal testimonies from Pamela who's ongoing year working in Ramallah is documented by weekly letters.

I send out news and comments from campaigners together with relevant media articles on the Palestinian situation on an irregular e-mail list when I'm not in Palestine myself. If you would like to be included, fill out the form back at the Soap Factory .

Other Peace Groups

Trident Ploughshares is a campaign to disarm the UK Trident nuclear weapons system in a nonviolent, open, peaceful and fully accountable manner.
People from all around the world have pledged to disarm Trident in this way. They act to uphold international humanitarian law and to expose the illegality of the Trident system.

This site is still very new and is still being developed as it always will be. So leave your name, suggestions for new links and requests using the feedback form . and I'll get back to you as time allows. In the meantime I'll wish you peace and bright moments, Dave

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