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The Annexation Wall at Qalqilya at the beginning of a demonstration.

The story of Nablus and Palestine.

March 2004.
This is a page of links to my e-mails written and sent to friends during my trip to Palestine from the beginning of December 2003 to the end of February 2004, I have made three trips to Iraq and three trips to Palestine since 1999 giving eye witness accounts of the ongoing atrocities being inflicted on the civilian populations of these benighted countries.
The Blare government has created a climate of fear to excuse there unjustifiable actions and curtailment of human rights both here at home and in Iraq while providing a lack of any credible security (as indicated by the recent scaling of Big Ben to mark the 1st anniversary of the invasion of Iraq on the 20th March and the ease with which Gillian and myself were able to get in to the high security area of Faslane and spray-paint the Trident Submarine "Vigilant".) Blare and the government continue to spin and try to create an hysterical fear of the Arab and Islamic people and what they might do to us. There are many reasons why people in the Middle East might want to attack the West. The West is the cause of more regional grievance and sheer terror than all the Arab states combined. Read the responsible reports from the Palestine Monitor ; it chronicles the equivalent of Madrid's horror week after week, month after month, in occupied Palestine. Yet no mainstream media in the UK acknowledge this enduring bloodbath, let alone mourn its victims. Moreover, the Israeli army, a terrorist organization by anyone's reckoning, is protected and rewarded by the West. Truth dies, just as people die, every day in Palestine. Truth is the first casualty of war and have no doubts, this is a war, a war against unarmed civilians.

The 4 Maps below shows the loss of Palestinian land since 1946. This is being accelerated by the building of the Annexation wall around the West Bank and Jerusalem and the continued construction of illegal Settlements on Palestinian Land.

Maps showing the loss of Palestinian land since 1946

Here is more Background information on what has previously happened in Palestine.

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The wall at Abu Diss
Jim's graffiti on the wall at Abu Diss